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Exploring Neuroticism

Exploring Neuroticism Neuroticism Neuroticism is a personality trait, which is characterized by a frequent tendency to experience negative emotions such as

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial I received this wonderful testimonial, from a client in Italy, who gave me permission to share with you.

Language of Influence

Words that Matter

Using Words that MatterThe English language is difficult, at the best of times.How we use words, directly influences the outcomes.This

Alcohol Cessation

Alcohol Cessation

Overcome alcohol addiction by removing the desire to be in an alcohol-induced state. You will want to stay sober, and actually, enjoy the

Alcohol Aversion

Alcohol Aversion

In the Alcohol Aversion Hypnosis session you will visualize the ultimate, negative experience and associations relating to alcohol. The visual

5 Simple Ways to

Self Esteem Self-esteem is a powerful force but it can be damaged easily, in an instant. When your self-esteem is

Do You Suffer From

Perhaps you know someone who is a high-achiever who suffers from anxiety and doubts themselves; the truth is, almost all