Within each of us is an “inner child” … that young, innocent version of ourself which through life’s experiences became who we are now.

That child has “forgotten” many memories of growing up, those memories that were painful or hurtful in some way, those words or actions that were threatening, or tragic experiences which were life-threatening to ourself or others.

Through hypnosis and using Regression Therapy it is possible to revisit that inner child and learn about the Why and Who and What happened during those events, in an objective way.

There is no need to relive the events to re-experience the trauma or pain, instead, it is like watching TV or a Movie and you see those events in a detached, objective way.

During these sessions, the Hypnotherapist must be very careful as false memories may be created by asking leading questions or making suggestions.

Discover your Life Story today … it can be very enlightening and often helps to resolve life-long issues, limiting beliefs and fears.

A recent quote from my mentor, who has hypnotized well over 100,000 subjects …

“Hypnosis is a safe, effective, and useful tool for helping people live better lives. That includes both offline and online or recorded approaches to helping others with hypnosis.”