Self-esteem is a measure of your internal feelings about who you are and how you see yourself.

We generally categorize self-esteem as high or low, with high being the desired level.

A high level of self-esteem enables you to accept and love yourself, for who you are, while low self-esteem makes you doubt your abilities and creates negative thoughts and feedback.

We develop self-esteem during our childhood, mostly from interactions our parents.

If you were raised in a positive environment and received praise for your achievements, there is a good chance you have developed a positive outlook of yourself and have high self-esteem.

If you were raised in a negative, uncaring environment, you likely will not believe you have the positive qualities you think you should have and will experience low self-esteem.

As we grow older, we may allow these feelings to be influenced by our friends and peers, as we often allow the opinion of others to invade our own feelings.

If you do not allow the opinions of others to impact you negatively, you likely have high self-esteem. It is healthy to not block these negative opinions and not allow them to affect you, as ultimtely your self-esteem must come from within.

To determine if you have low or high self-esteem, ask yourself the following simple questions.

If you respond no to these questions, you likely have a low self-esteem and need to take action to improve it as soon as possible.

The first thing to do is to rid yourself of those doubts by accepting your faults and realizing that many, very successful people, also have the same issues as you. We all have flaws which we want to eliminate, so you must be willing to acknowledge them and give yourself permission to change.

This will result in improved self-esteem over a relatively short period of time. Be patient, remember it took your entire life, to get where you are … change takes patience, acceptance, and understanding before the new patterns can take hold.

It is also important to accept that you are different from everyone else. Your physical attributes are unique and define who you are. Just as we each have unique DNA or fingerprints, we are different and can never be an exact duplicate of anyone else.

Never compare yourself to anyone else, compete with yourself, not others.

If you discover you have low self-esteem, seek help from Hypnotherapists, Psychologists or other professionals, who are qualified to help you address the root cause of these negative beliefs.

If you wish to attempt a self-help technique, make a list in a journal or in a notepad of 50 things you like about yourself. Then each day, write down one good thing you did to enhance your own positive feelings about yourself. Over a period of three weeks, you will start to see a significantly more positive environment developing, as your self-esteem grows stronger.

Those who have high self-esteem, are much less likely to practice self-sabotage or say or do negative things to others. The positive outlook of life will generate optimistic feelings about the future. Your goals and dreams will start to seem more possible to achieve.

Manifesting your dreams with Vision Boards and repeating positive affirmations and dedicated actions will allow you to achieve anything you wish for in life. Once you achieve this level of self-esteem you will be well on your way to success!

It will be easier to deal with problems and to resist negative pressures from external sources once our self-esteem has been elevated.

It is very important to recognize that these influences are learned, we are not born with them, and what can be learned can be easily unlearned.

We must be open and willing for change to take place and change our daily routines to accomplish these goals.

The rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams as you start to feel the glow of happiness and joy in your life.

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