What if I Told You that You Can Edit Your Reality?

It’s very easy to look at reality as something that just is.

If our parents were abusive, alcoholics, or addicts, it’s very easy and natural for people to think

This is a very weak and self-defeating mindset!

A large proportion of the population believe and will tell you that the reality they live in is beyond their control … it just is, what it is. What you see is what you get. You’re stuck with the reality that you have and that reality is the same for everybody else.

We can easily disprove this by simply asking two people to look at the same set of facts and then ask them for their perception of reality … it is likely you will get, two totally different interpretations. They’re still dealing with the same objective reality and yet they have totally different interpretations.

One person, upon seeing a nice-looking Ferrari might say,

Another person, looked at the same Ferrari, might say,

This person did not accept the fact the Ferrari was expensive, or accept that getting the Ferrari was not possible. Instead, this person asked a question.

The second person is asking

When you ask these questions, anything is possible, as they tap into your imagination and creativity in the subconscious mind.

We can edit our reality by adopting a positive mindset and overcoming the limiting beliefs and irrational fears that often control us.

Change begins with an active choice, adoption of a positive mindset, practicing mindfulness and eliminating those entrenched negative beliefs.

You can choose your mindset and thereby choose your reality. The subconscious mind has the ability to modify all thoughts, habits, beliefs … it can actually change your reality.

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