Four Steps to Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation in four steps

Find a calm, quiet place where you will not be interrupted for at least ten minutes.

Be sure to dress comfortably or you may wish to practice in your nightclothes or even naked.

Progressive muscle relaxation can be achieved while sitting on a chair or laying down.

You loosen your body by relaxing different muscles and muscle groups in the body.

The method is to tense the muscles, hold in that position, and then quickly relax them.

Practice progressive muscle relaxation, as follows:

  • Start the practice with the muscles in your feet, moving up the body slowly, towards your head. Tensing and relaxing each muscle groups on your way up. Special attention should be given to those muscles which you find are most tense or those that tend to carry tension, such as the shoulders or back.
  • While breathing in deeply, tense the group of muscles you’re working on. Hold the tension for eight seconds or longer if comfortable and feel the tension. When it feels right, at least eight seconds, breathe out through the mouth, and relax those muscle. Allow a calming sensation to envelop the muscles.
  • Start with one foot, then relax it and move on to the next. Alternating sides for each of the feet, legs, hands, forearm, hand, tensing and relaxing the muscle groups.
  • Next, focus on the abdomen, chest, neck, and shoulders
  • Move on to relax your facial muscles, eyes, cheeks, forehead, and scalp.
  • After each group of muscles, take in a couple of extra deep breaths, saying the words “Deeply Relaxed”, hold and exhale slowly.
  • Take a moment to experience the relaxation that is spreading through your entire body.
  • When finished all muscle groups, simply count up to five and say to yourself, “Wide awake, fully alert and feeling wonderfully relaxed!”
  • Take a moment to become steady, and slowly stand up and go about your day, feeling marvelous!

With some practice, progressive muscle relaxation will give you a rich sensation pleasure and relaxation.

For those who wish to experience even greater pleasure, focus the practice on the muscles of the Solar Plexus with emphasis on the sexual organs. As the pleasure builds, simply allow it to release naturally, in an intense hands-free orgasm. The release of Oxytocin and other endorphins during orgasm also work as relaxants. Some practice will be required to achieve this goal, however, the rewards are amazing.

You can practice progressive muscle relaxations any time you feel stressed or anxious, or simply wish to experience the pleasure of total relaxation.

Enjoy …