A Wealth Mindset is much easier to develop, when we are generating wealth, rather than when we are experiencing a lack of wealth or are in poverty. However, everyone has the strength, ability, as well as the internal resources needed to generate wealth.

The easiest way to get started is to practice noticing … what is happening around you! Rather than going through life unaware of what is happening, start to notice everything around you, be mindful of what is happening, and explore, learn, and feel your environment.

Be mindful and practice everyday! Set aside time each day to practice this exercise … It will help you to become aware and to take notice of your wealth …

(You may wish to record this and play back when you are able to close your eyes)

To start, make yourself comfortable

Eliminate distractions or interruptions for at least 10 minutes, turn off phones or notifications on computer

And then just gently close your eyes …

If you wish you can put on some quiet background music … and relax completely

Breathing in and breathing out normally.

And as you continue to breathe in and breathe out, take notice your breath.

As focussing on your breath is easy … it is always with us, no matter where we go!

The art of developing awareness, of what we have within … begins by simply noticing the breath.

Be grateful of every breathe you take … as it is the gift of life!

Pay attention now to your breathe

Inhale slowly and become aware of the feelings associated with breathing in … feel the air travelling deep into the body, and what it’s like for that breath to turn around, into an exhale.

Just continue to pay attention to your breath, observing and noticing the rate at which you breathe, and how the way you breathe feels.

Focus on all of the various sensations of breathing … the air entering through the nostrils, the chest rising, the diaphragm expanding … notice what it feels like to breathe in.

Do the same for the breathe out … paying attention to the feelings and physical changes that are associated with exhaling.

Allowing any feelings of stress or anxiety to simply flow out with our breathe … becoming more and more relaxed with each breathe.

Allow the body and brain to relax and be calm … as you pay attention to “everything”

As as you practice the skill of paying attention to “everything”

And as you pay attention to your breath, also begin to pay attention to your wealth.

Maybe wealth is not yet measured in dollars, gold, or stocks … instead it is wealth that is already within you.

Notice it …

Identify, examine and reflect on the wealth you already possess!

What strengths do you have?

Are you …

Identify …

It feels really good to notice these things, doesn’t it?

What resources do you have?

Even if you don’t have a luxury car to drive around in, you do have access to basic transportation?

Perhaps you don’t eat at luxurious restaurants  … but do you have your most basic needs met?

By measuring, just these few things, against the world-standard, you will begin to recognize, you are in at least the top-half of the world’s wealth.

In order to move from the top-half, to the top 1%, a goal that you can achieve

Start with this mindfulness exercises, each and every day!

This is the key … practice mindfulness meditation

Your awareness of all of the strengths, resources, and ideas you have … will increase.

And as you focus your attention on those things … and your awareness of them increases, they grow, expand, and begin to demonstrate themselves, in new ways, in your life.

That is what we call a universal truth … that which we focus on, expands.

Now that you are focusing on what you have, those things will continue to increase in your life.

Very good …

Now, just open your eyes …

And take a deep breath, having enjoyed this experience and feeling wonderful.

(A complimentary professional recording is available on request)