Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a powerful force but it can be damaged easily, in an instant.

When your self-esteem is high, you feel more resilient and are less vulnerable to anxiety.

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to improve our self-esteem, especially if you’ve experienced setbacks in the past.

Here are five simple ways to help improve your self-esteem and deal with life’s unexpected blows.

1. Using Positive Affirmations

The idea behind using positive affirmations is that you fill your mind with positive thoughts until you accept them as fact!

It is a popular way to build self-esteem because it is simple, and anyone can do it.

Unfortunately, if not done in the right way, it can lead to lower self-esteem not higher.

Always use positive, believable and achievable affirmations. Consider changing the affirmation “I’m going to be successful” to something more manageable like, “I will continue until I succeed.”

Never use phrases like “I am a Millionaire” (unless true) … your conscious mind will reject that phrase if it is not true! A phrase like, “Through hard work, I will become a millionaire” will be accepted as true and achievable.

2. List What You’re Good At

Create a list of your abilities, skills and things you enjoy doing.

Your self-esteem will grow stronger as you demonstrate these abilities and achieve success in the areas of your life which matter to you.

Seek out opportunities which use your core skills and talents.

3. Accept Compliments Graciously

When we feel down or negative bad about ourselves, it can be hard to accept compliments from others. We tend to be more resistant to compliments.

Rather than shrugging off compliments, accept them graciously, as independent feedback which will help you be more objective about yourself and your contributions.

4. Don’t Criticize Yourself

When we have low self-esteem, we tend to engage in self-sabotage and do even more damage through self-criticism.

When you find yourself being negative and criticizing yourself turn the thoughts into something positive.

By converting issues or failures into opportunities for learning, you will be able to start building yourself up, rather than beating yourself down.

5. Value Your Real Worth

Quantify your real worth to yourself and others and assign a value to it.

Remind yourself daily of the value of your real worth – fight low self-esteem with this positive thought.

Rebuilding self-esteem takes hard work, and time. Be patient, and above all else, practice Mindfulness and Positive thinking.

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