16 August

Strategies for Getting Through a Panic Attack

Strategies for Getting Through a Panic Attack If you suffer from panic attacks, then you’ve been there before. You experience difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, muscle tension, and dizziness. These physical sensations are often accompanied by negative and frightening thoughts. You may even fear losing control of yourself and quite possibly your sanity. Despite these […]

13 August

Four Steps to Progressive Muscle Relaxation

With some practice, progressive muscle relaxation will give you a rich sensation pleasure and relaxation. For those who wish to experience even greater pleasure, focus the practice on the muscles of the Solar Plexus with emphasis on the sexual organs. As the pleasure builds, simply allow it to release naturally, in an intense hands-free orgasm. The release of Oxytocin and other endorphins during orgasm also work as relaxants. 

10 August

Insecurity and Negativity

Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Dealing with negative thoughts is something everyone has to do Some people choose to allow negative thoughts to freeze them in their tracks. Other people have a negative thought and then transform that into a positive one instead. If you want to be a person who has good self-esteem and lets go of self-doubt, the […]