Are you one of the people who frequently says, “not yet”? Perhaps you are thinking, “We live in a time of Instant Messaging, Instant Delivery, Instant Food, Instant gratification … and yet still think, I’m not ready yet!”

The truth is, when it comes to major life revelations which can change the direction of our lives, we keep saying to ourselves, “not yet” “not ready” “maybe tomorrow”!

Even when we know the answer and are frustrated with where we are, we often put off those changes. We know there is a better alternative, we know we are capable of so much more, we know that the majority live far below their full potential, and yet we still think, “not yet”.

The reason, of course, is a simple case of fear!

Even though we become frustrated and unhappy with certain aspects of your life, when it comes to changing something, you get cold feet. This happens to the majority of people, so do not feel you are a failure or somehow different.

We have all met people who constantly moan, complain and criticize every day about the things wrong with their life. They focus on what’s missing. They focus on what’s inadequate. They focus on what’s defective. They go on and on and on.

At times it may seem these people have figured out the problem because they have described it so clearly, on a day-to-day basis. What is really happening is that they are refusing to make the changes necessary to improve their life because they are stuck! And even though they complain, they are secretly happy about it.

They would, of course, deny this and might say, “How can you say that I’m happy in this abusive relationship? How can you say with a straight face that I’m happy in this worthless job that I have? How can you tell me that I’m happy with my disabilities? This is hell!”

They can say that, but you only need to look at how they are living their lives and you can quickly realize that as unacceptable as their situation may be to them, at some level or other, they have accepted it.

They would rather choose the life they know, than the potential hell they might find themselves in, if they make the wrong move. They are paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice!

Until they accept their past mistakes, as lessons, and stop worrying about the future, which has yet to happen, nothing is going to change. These people will remain stuck in neutral. Try as hard as they might, they will end up in the same place.

Do you know that you can utilize mindfulness to evaluate the present moment and determine a way to get out of the situation? Do you know that by simply focusing on the present, you can lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones?

The process is not easy and takes hard work to completely change and reprogramme your mindset. The mental changes and healing process is much more difficult than physical healing. This is why people are so afraid and remain stuck. They would rather live with the hell they know, than the hell they don’t know. That’s why they don’t want to risk going out on a limb.

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