Sample Hypnosis Session – you can choose from these sample recordings.

For best results:

  1. Use headphones or earbuds
  2. Turn off all devices or apps which may beep or deliver notifications during the session
  3. Put pets in a separate room to reduce interruptions during the session
  4. Sit, recline or lay down and turn down the lights, cover with a light blanket if desired
  5. Prepare by just relaxing and focussing on a few deep breathes … In to the count of three, hold for three and exhale for three.
  6. Relax and allow yourself to let go of all stress, tension and anxious feelings.

Each session includes a re-awakening routine … if you wish to go to sleep following a session you can simply tell yourself to relax and you should drift off to sleep. 

Enjoy … your feedback below would be appreciated.


Seasonal Affective Disorder