Client Testimonial

I received this wonderful testimonial, from a client in Italy, who gave me permission to share with you.

I am in my mid-30’s, a lot of things accomplished, my friends telling me to take it easy and relax, but I was still feeling worthless, like in a retrace with myself. Like I could never be enough for myself, do enough and achieve enough.

Despite many successes and achieving University degrees, winning competitions … nothing made me feel better about myself, in the long run.


I was running from something, not towards something.


I had tried everything that I could possibly do, but I had never thought about hypnotherapy. Allan Curtis explained to me, that we undergo hypnosis in our everyday life and that we are free to leave it at any time. It is just a deeper connection where we can explore, create and imagine freely.


From the first session I absolutely loved the experience. It was like a deep and healing meditation and I could remember everything.


Self-hypnosis allowed me to use it whenever I wanted, and it gave me a wonderful feeling of calm, space and wholeness which I had been seeking.


In several other sessions I explored so many treasures that came to be the foundation of a positive outlook on life that helped me to be creative, generous and just a joyful version of myself.


His calming voice is still building up my trust inside of me, even weeks after the sessions. And the best thing, above all, it is a gift, no dependence. It remains with you and makes you whole.


There are no words to describe my thankfulness and happiness about our encounter and work. It has pretty much changed my life because it made me feel whole.


If you ever doubt whether Hypnotherapy is for you, I can only tell you, try it. I am sure you can create your own way to a whole life with Allan’s help.


Jana H.