Do you know that some successful people are suffering with imposter syndrome right now?

They are very successful in their endeavors … but they feel bad, because they don’t think they deserve it.

They feel like a fake.

They feel as if everything they’re doing, is a fluke, and at any moment someone is going to find out the truth.

If you feel that way sometimes, these tips may help you overcome imposter syndrome.

If You Think This Success Was Too Easy

You may be feeling, your success was far too easy to come by, compared to what you thought it would take or what others experience. You may be feeling guilty, and may be experiencing imposter syndrome. You feel fraudulent because it was simple to achieve, and you now think it’s not even that special because anyone can do it.

The way to deal with this erroneous feeling is to look at some stats.

How many people in your situation have achieved what you have achieved?

You’re likely to find out that not as many people have succeeded doing what you’re doing as you think.

This information alone should help you realize that you had to be responsible at least a little for your achievement.

Even if other people could do it if they wanted to, you did it – they did not.

If You Think You Don’t Deserve Kudos

Everyone relys on some form of help, whether it’s the zip code they’re born in, meeting the right people at the right time, or something else.

Even if it’s just being able to drive to and from work, someone had to build the roads, and you had to be born being able to see to do it.

Therefore, someone helped and you’re not totally self-made and even those who are called, “self-made” share some part in their own success with others. It doesn’t matter if you were born on first base, third base, or not even on the field; you are responsible for your actions from where you found yourself to where you are now.

You deserve kudos for your achievements …

You deserve the life you are building and it’s okay to accept that you value the things you have achieved, and you could not have done it without making the choices you made.

Even if someone gave you a million dollars, you had choices. You could blow that million dollars or you could invest it and turn it into a billion dollars. Either way, you are where you are now due to your own choices at the time.

You Have Value

The hardest thing, for people who have imposter syndrome to understand, is the value they provide by being who they are.

Even if 100,000 people are doing what you want to do, you provide a unique input and value to your version of that thing that no one else can ever provide. This means that even if you are making money selling blue jeans, which are everywhere, your jeans are special because you came up with the idea.

Anytime you can provide something for someone, it is valuable…It doesn’t matter if it’s a commodity or if it’s totally 100 percent unique. Your special touch adds just enough value, to make it worthwhile to you and to others.

When you accept your value to the world, you’ll be able to let go of imposter syndrome and instead of asking, “why me?” you’ll start asking “why not me?”.

Overcoming imposter syndrome is to accept that you are important as you are, that you offer something special even if it’s similar to others, and that you are valuable in your own right.

You are valuable just because you exist, and the things you do add value to the lives around you, even if it’s not totally original or new.

Celebrate your successes

You Deserve Success in Your Life!