Exploring Neuroticism

Exploring Neuroticism Neuroticism Neuroticism is a personality trait, which is characterized by a frequent tendency to experience negative emotions such as anxiety, worry, and sadness.  It is estimated that Neuroticism is present in about 30-40% of the general population.  It has been shown that excess worry and elevated stress levels contribute to an increased risk of developing […]

Client Testimonial

I had tried everything that I could possibly do, but I had never thought about hypnotherapy.
It is just a deeper connection where we can explore, create and imagine freely.

Words that Matter

Language of Influence

Using Words that Matter

The English language is difficult, at the best of times.

How we use words, directly influences the outcomes … learn how sentence structure and carefully selected words can make a difference!

Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness: As young children, we form our beliefs and behaviors, based on our interactions with others. We are not born with these beliefs, they are learned from family, friends, and even strangers who we interact with in life. We learn: How to behave Good manners How to get along with others What is right and […]

Rebuilding Your Self Esteem!

Rebuilding Self Esteem

It is important to have a healthy self-esteem, so that you can experience happiness when you achieve material success.

Low self-esteem makes it very difficult to succeed in any endeavor, as you become, your own worst enemy. Through negative self-talk you constantly put obstacles in your own path to success.